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My previous NaNoWriMo update motivated me to get back in the game. In a week I wrote over 17,000 words and caught up to the masses! I was right on target to finish on time.

I promised myself a NaNoWriMo gift if I met the 50,000 word count by Dec 1. Impressed with the strides I had made, I took a look at the online NaNoWriMo gift shop for the first time and chose a ceramic mug that would serve as my completion trophy. I envisioned taking large hot gulps of coffee from my trophy as I worked on re-writes and first edits throughout the months of December and January. Those were the good ol’ days…

After my fantastic week of writing and constant stream of crap story plots (with a few good ideas thrown in there too), I let Thanksgiving festivities get in the way. A short weekend to my mums followed by a Thanksgiving week of fun has set me back considerably. So now I am eating dust again. Dust that tastes an awful lot like my regular old coffee mug.

My New Miserable Stats

Total Words Written: 33,628

Words Remaining: 16,327

Days Remaining: 5

Words Per Day To Finish On Time: 3,265.4 (sob!)

The Trophy I Wanted

My precioussssssss!

Now I’m Gonna Kick Some Ass – My Own Ass!

I want that trophy! It will be mine! So update, Universe, this is going to happen! I will finish NaNoWriMo. Skyrim is dead to me and we have enough leftovers to last us the week. No excuses, no nothing. If you need me and you can’t find me know this: I am in the zone. The writing zone. I will not return until December 1st at the stroke of midnight with a printed* receipt of an online NaNoWriMo ceramic mug order in my hand and the dust at my heels.

*I’ll really just save the receipt as a pdf on my computer to save paper, but that sounds less dramatic.


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Yesterday, we took an unexpected trip to the Yankee Candle Village. What started off as a suggestion made in jest became a 1.5 hour romp around the YC Village of candles, ornaments, candy, toys, and everything else you would ever need for a PERFECT Christmas.

First we took a whiff of the candles…

What does a “be thankful” command smell like? I don’t know. But it looks like this…

To cleanse our nostril palates we explored non-candle areas of the YC Village

There was toy area…

This is for you, Heather D!

REENACTMENT: Skyrim horse attack

There was Bavarian Town. Huh?

There is stately...

...and then there is stately!

Then we got lost…

Where are the flipping candles?

I tried one last candle before I left…

No. These yankees are crazy!

We finally left with our sniffers intact (and more-or-less functioning) and some gifts for the holidays!

Safe to say they HATED it.

I’m thankful for these two goons. They always make me laugh! And they know how to make a flipping candle mall loads of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Our Civic Duty

After three days without power followed by a work week that felt like a work year, I return to the blog after a hiatus that seems longer than a Kardashian marriage. Halloween has long since passed, the threat of zombie invasion has been averted, and daylight savings has disappeared as quickly as, well, retirement savings.

But while one apocalyptic crisis has ended, another one is nearly upon us. November is here, and that can only mean one thing:

Once again it’s time for us to help curtail the turkey menace.

What’s that you say? A turkey menace? Don’t dismiss it until you’ve heard all the evidence:

Photo by Michael L. Baird; Pure Evil by Wild Turkey

1- I’m not a scientist, but I can say with 100% scientific accuracy that the closest living descendant of the dinosaur is not the alligator, but the turkey. These are soulless, mean-spirited creatures; if you’ve ever encountered them in the wild, then you know these nearly flightless fowl are as relentless as a pack of velociraptors.

2- Tryptophan. The evil little birds are chock full of the stuff…lulling us to sleep…while the surviving rafter of turkeys gather, preparing to strike.

3- The wattle. Their fleshy lobes mock us. What else could such a useless appendage mean?

4- When you quit doing something you like doing so much you can’t stop doing it, it’s called going “cold turkey.” Revenge is a dish best served cold. You do the math.

There’s only one thing we can do about this post-prehistoric menace. We must stuff stop them one delicious bird at a time.

It is, after all, our civic duty. And by the end of Thanksgiving day, I plan to be filled with civic pride.

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