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Winter is Coming –George R. R. Martin

Winter Is Coming

In the Seven Kingdoms this means it is time to reinforce the Black Watch — tough times are ahead. In New England this means time to get the long underwear and boots out of storage — tough times are ahead.

Last night we had our first snow, a dusting really.

A first snow does not a winter make. A first snow is a reminder. Reminder: I abhor/loathe/despise being cold! Staying warm is my priority. Always.

This dusting of snow and a quick peek at the updated forecast (high of 41 Saturday) has made me realize I need to rethink my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. I gave it a try and I can’t wear my shell with my puffy winter coat. My turtle tee doesn’t fit over my coat. Do I really need the coat? Um, yes! Staying warm is my priority. Always. I can’t help but think back to my rant about sexy-time Halloween costumes with a twinge of guilt. Most likely the only reason I’m never showing leg dressed as Spongebob (beside pride) is because the end of October is cold!

This turtle is fierce indoors but a coward when it's cold

So long Donatello! My fierce costume is going bye-bye! But I’m keeping my shell. It is a sled and winter is coming.

Update: Patrick sent a text, “NPR just said 5 inches of snow tomorrow.” Sledding time! Cowabunga!


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I think it is time we talk about it — the circle of life; the pie of Patrick’s eye; the reason Donatello and Raphael crawl out of the sewers — yup, pizza!

One day I was in Trader Joe’s and stumbled upon pizza dough occupying the shelf that my favorite salsa used to sit in. I thought, “What the <bleep>?” But I said, “Hey! Where’s my salsa?” No one answered me, as is typical when I talk aloud in the market. So I found my shopping mate, held up a bag of dough and said: “Hey, let’s make a pizza!” Patrick shrugged delightedly and said, “OK!” That is how it all started…

As it turns out, homemade pizza is primarily delicious because you have the ability to make it just the way you like it. I like it packed with fresh herbs. I’m obsessed with basil so I used to put whole leaves of it on top right after it came out of the oven. But after consuming about 100+ pies (maybe 7), Patrick let on that he wasn’t so fond of basil in large quantities. So now I chop it into ribbons, which he finds more palatable. I also bake rosemary into the crust. He has not yet admitted to hating that.

Our pizzas change slightly each time. But the delish taste is a constant. (Except that one time we ran out of cheese but had already started making the pizza. That was horrible. It was just a dry tomato-topped flatbread with herbs on it. So with the exception of that one cheese-less pizza, we make ’em pretty tasty-like.)

My problem has always been shape. I’m the creator of many pizza shapes, master of none.

There is this:

Wonky Square Shaped Pizza

Then this:

Wonky Oval Shaped Pizza

And I don’t even know how this happened (Got Basil?):

Wonky Heart Shaped Pizza

What is a girl to do? I’ll tell you what. She should mention her pizza shape failings in someone else’s blog comment section. All was revealed! No doubt this tidbit was passed down from generation to generation in the co-commenter’s family. And then she shared the secret with me — start with the dough in a ball.

Don’t snigger! I didn’t know!! I appreciated the advice but I was suspicious that I, the creator of Wonky Heart Pizzas, would be capable of the elusive Circle Shaped Pizza. So I took pictures this last pizza-making session to prove to the masses it just isn’t that easy…

Step One: Start with dough rolled into a ball.

See? Nice round ball.

Step Two: Eye dough suspiciously as it starts to resemble a circle shape.

Mid-kneed. Looks OK but, I can feel the wonky coming...

Step Three: Get those fixins on your first Circle Shaped Pizza, girl!

Circle Shaped Pizza!!!!

Step Four: Wonder what Circle Shaped Pizza really means. Most pizzas end up sliced and chewed up in the end. Just like this one…

Existentialism does not belong on pizza. Just eat it already!

Anyway, thanks to the person who doesn’t read my blog, but was kind enough to comment on my comment on someone else’s blog. You made Circle Shaped Pizza accessible to us all!

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