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En route to Gummy’s (we are trying out this nickname for “grand mummy”). Mummy hates it…


First we give hugs to Gracie! The pup does not appear to be amused by our Lulu, but Lulu’s love is persistent! Sometimes love is one-sided…


Gummy suggests, “We should get our nails done!” Lulu stows away in my bag…


Ladies got pedis in shimmery navy (Gilly), clear (Lulu), and autumn red (Mum, officially OVER Gummy).


We all watched the US Open (Come on Rafa and Serena!!)


After lots of wine and a long night watching Serena win, Lulu passes out, er, goes to bed…



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Poor Lulu. Looks like she’s stuck indoors today.

Lousy Luck, Lulu

 Oh well, it makes a good excuse to clean and reorganize the closet!

Coordinating and Cataloguing the Closet

Followed by reading A Game of Thrones on the Kindle. What could be better?

Restful Reading

Nothing rains on Lulu’s parade, so she slips on her Wellies to make her own adventure!

Playful Puddle-jumper

Happy Sunday! Whether it is productive, relaxing, or adventurous, enjoy the day!

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Lulu Can't Drive Without the Keys!

What Time Is It? Breakfast Time!

Lulu Tries Black Coffee (Good For Hangovers)

Lulu Prefers Cream

Decisions, Decisions...

Hearty Breakfast for Our Hearty Lamb, Lulu!

This concludes Lulu’s delicious outing!

(Yes, this is how we chose to spend our morning…)

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