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It is that time of the year! When summer break is ending and Captain’s Practice and Two-A-Days begin! Not one to be left out just because I’m no longer in high school, I weigh more than a football player, and have the lung capacity of… well, a pregnant person, Patrick and I started our own two-a-days on Saturday. Yes, that does sound a bit untoward, but we are firm in our commitment to not over-share, so read on.

I do, in fact, weigh more than #13 but not my favorite nose tackle, Big Snack (#98).

I should note that I took a hiatus from anything resembling exercise during the majority of July. It was too hot to walk — morning, noon, and night. And to top it all off, I had overdosed on my Prenatal Fitness with Summer Sanders DVD. I think I could still pop in the  DVD and recite the workout dialogue with the TV on mute.

Anyway, last week Patrick suggested that we start walking since the temps were passing for cool in the late evenings. In an effort to stay close to home, we walk a .5-mile loop around our home twice each night. Most of the walk is uphill, so even though we are clocking in barely a mile, believe me, with the extra girth I’m lugging around, loosening joints, and my lung expansion problems, it feels like  quite the challenge!

Reflective sneakers and a huge pink belly

On Saturday, I decided to kick it up a notch and get into shape for labor with a two-a-day workout. Two miles in 40+ non-consecutive  minutes… I’m not sure if this will gear my body up for the marathon that is labor, but it is getting me into the spirit of sport and training from which I will be drawing during labor.

Oh! And labor will be soonish. I’m 38 weeks. We are taking bets. I say between weeks 41 and 42. Patrick says between 39 and 40. OB/GYN, just for fun, chimed in with 40-41weeks. Please let Patrick be right!

38 weeks


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Little flattop

So, early on in this process, a dear friend and reader told us that you needed to help shape a newborn baby’s head. Of course, this resulted in the predictable panic (and if you’ve seen my attempts at sculpture or pottery, you’d understand why). As clueless wannabes, we had no idea that this was part of the job description.

Turns out there’s much more to it than that. A certain percentage of children may develop what is called – and I believe I’m using the correct medical term here – “flatheaded baby syndrome.”

The good news is that there’s a way to correct this problem. Baby helmets. Now, I know what you’re thinking – here comes the Predictable Panic Part 2: This Time It’s Personal. But it turns out, if my baby has to wear a helmet to straighten out its flat little head, I think I’ll be okay with that.

There’s a website that already subscribes to my turning lemons into lemonade point of view. Flatheadedbaby.com offers “baby apparel that let’s ‘em know you’re just reshaping your flat head…and proud of it!”

But I’d like to see someone take the next step in baby helmet apparel. For example, why not these ideas below?

Little Football Helmet: Adorn your baby helmet with your favorite football team's logo. Every baby will want one.

Little Viking Helmet: For that special little looter and pillager.

Little Riot Gear Helmet: For those days when baby wants to crack down on crime.

Little Boba Fett - or Baby Fett: Your little nerdling will be the coolest kid in the galaxy.

The possibilities are endless.

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