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Last week, we showed you our “outrageous pumpkin” designs. Here’s the final product:

Scary Jack and Befuddled Frank

What we failed to mention was that our masterpieces were not quite finished. To perfect our outrageous pumpkins, we needed to add two more elements: Time and Nature.

At last, we can reveal to you our new and improved, more-outrageous-than-ever pumpkins:

Moldy Jack and Lobotomized Frank

In loving memory of Jack…

…and Frank


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What could be better than Halloween or Food Network competitions? How about Halloween AND Food Network competitions! This week, I discovered the Food Network’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins. I think I’ve found a new calling in life.

An artist named Ray Villafane dominated these competitions with pumpkin carvings that blew my mind. Carvings like this:

"Shattered" by Ray Villafane

And this:

"Medusa" by Ray Villafane

And this:

"Jackhyde" by Ray Villafane

Inspired, Gilly and I held our own Outrageous Pumpkins competition. Here are the results:

Who will win this battle of Outrageous Pumpkins? You decide!

We’ll be expecting that call from you soon, Food Network.

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Pumpkin pondering above the Quabbin Reservoir

Petite and perky, we have no need for you

Pilfered pumpkins!? This field was bright orange 2 weeks ago

Patrick plodded upon a plentiful pumpkin patch

Perfect pumpkins still on the vine

Pirated and plundered! In true Columbus Day spirit, Lulu claims our picks

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Apple farm or bust!

Lulu got apple picking tips from a piglet in the know

A bunch of Red Gravensteins sitting in a tree

There was a pumpkin under our favorite apple tree

Lulu lugged our apple treasure to the car

What do we do with all these apples?

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