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Send her your fan mail! She likes it!

Part of the reason for our blog silence lately has been due to a few intrusive emails that we have received. They are completely unrelated to our blog and us. These emails were sparse at first, but are picking up speed. And we decided that we may just end our blog altogether. These emails are strange and well, fan mail (not for us)…

So, as a former college instructor, I thought that instead of shutting down my blog and twitter account as I had first thought to do, I’d make a learning experience out of this…or what Patrick calls fanning the fire… So here we go!!

How To Write A Proper Fan Letter

1. This is pretty crucial so I want to open with this. Send fan mail to the person you are a fan of. Not us.

2. Writing “I’m not crazy” once makes the reader question the statement. Writing it more than 4 times makes you sound, well, crazy.

3. This is related to point number one. Don’t email random bloggers with your fan mail. It weirds them out! Nope. Exactly the same as point one.

4. Keep it short. Especially if you are writing to a non-famous person who doesn’t have an assistant to read mail. We normals only get through about three sentences of email not meant for us.

5. Send fan mail to people worthy of being a fan of: your favorite florist, the creator of bacon, celebs in sunnies, scientists working on a cure for cancer. This blog is not going to experience a sudden shift of content. It is about me, my husband, and our random thoughts that occur to us during our everyday average lives. That’s it. Nothing glitzy. Nothing fan-mail appropriate. We are not worthy.

That’s it for now. But if we shut this little bit of silly down that’s why…


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It seems my dear husband has managed to write a final No Shave November post sans beard pic! Nice try, darling. But you ticked a few people off today. If you won’t post pics then I will.

(Aside to Patrick: Contrary to wife’s actions, husband is not permitted to post pictures of wife without her knowledge. Especially if wife starts growing a beard. This is another one of those one-sided deals. Sorry! Love you tons!)

So, people, do you want to see THE BEARD? Do you want to see the MAGNIFICENT, EXTRAORDINARY, ONE-OF-A-KIND beard?

People have stopped us in the streets to say, “Hey man, that’s more than a few hairs you’ve got growing there!” Birds have swooped down into Patrick’s face, mistaking his voluminous chin hair for their nests. If I made a brochure and put it in a hotel lobby, people would come to see the spectacular sight that is Patrick’s beard!

Here it is! After a month of growth and meticulous grooming:

Why the frown Charlie Brown?

Yup. Looks like a normal beard with some wild tufts of white on the chin. And the frown is dentist-related, not an I-can’t-grow-a-beard lament.

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My previous NaNoWriMo update motivated me to get back in the game. In a week I wrote over 17,000 words and caught up to the masses! I was right on target to finish on time.

I promised myself a NaNoWriMo gift if I met the 50,000 word count by Dec 1. Impressed with the strides I had made, I took a look at the online NaNoWriMo gift shop for the first time and chose a ceramic mug that would serve as my completion trophy. I envisioned taking large hot gulps of coffee from my trophy as I worked on re-writes and first edits throughout the months of December and January. Those were the good ol’ days…

After my fantastic week of writing and constant stream of crap story plots (with a few good ideas thrown in there too), I let Thanksgiving festivities get in the way. A short weekend to my mums followed by a Thanksgiving week of fun has set me back considerably. So now I am eating dust again. Dust that tastes an awful lot like my regular old coffee mug.

My New Miserable Stats

Total Words Written: 33,628

Words Remaining: 16,327

Days Remaining: 5

Words Per Day To Finish On Time: 3,265.4 (sob!)

The Trophy I Wanted

My precioussssssss!

Now I’m Gonna Kick Some Ass – My Own Ass!

I want that trophy! It will be mine! So update, Universe, this is going to happen! I will finish NaNoWriMo. Skyrim is dead to me and we have enough leftovers to last us the week. No excuses, no nothing. If you need me and you can’t find me know this: I am in the zone. The writing zone. I will not return until December 1st at the stroke of midnight with a printed* receipt of an online NaNoWriMo ceramic mug order in my hand and the dust at my heels.

*I’ll really just save the receipt as a pdf on my computer to save paper, but that sounds less dramatic.

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Pumpkin pondering above the Quabbin Reservoir

Petite and perky, we have no need for you

Pilfered pumpkins!? This field was bright orange 2 weeks ago

Patrick plodded upon a plentiful pumpkin patch

Perfect pumpkins still on the vine

Pirated and plundered! In true Columbus Day spirit, Lulu claims our picks

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We love fresh basil and rosemary but hate buying it every week at the market. This summer we grew rosemary, basil, flat-leaf parsley, and mint. Now that Fall is upon us, we brought the herbs indoors. Still on the look-out for some flat-leaf parsley (we killed ours)…

Dr. Livingston, I presume?

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Apple farm or bust!

Lulu got apple picking tips from a piglet in the know

A bunch of Red Gravensteins sitting in a tree

There was a pumpkin under our favorite apple tree

Lulu lugged our apple treasure to the car

What do we do with all these apples?

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There are things I like about trying to conceive — being hopeful; connections with other TTCers; suggesting a new baby name every day (only to get shot down by Patrick); this blog; and looking for inane stories about pregnancy and babies (like this).

But there are two things that have been annoying me lately:

Are you feeling it too?

1. Baby Dance – This is probably the most annoying euphemism reserved for TTC couples. Or is it not a euphemism at all and I have been going about this all wrong? Better sign up for spiritual dance class, just in case.

2. Smiley Faces – I bought a predictor kit that displays a smiley face to indicate fertile days.¬†Because nothing says “baby dance” like a smiley face. Edgy.

In sum, cute things annoy me about TTC. Because I’m hardcore like that. >;)

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