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The Many Looks of Lulu

It is poll quiz day. Lulu is not only our blog editor/model/surly housemate. She is a complicated lamb. Which look does she do best?


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We were watching Mildred Pierce this weekend, and young Veda terrified us. She was precocious. But not in that adorable, cute way. Veda was snobby, cruel, evil, awful, and quite frankly frightening. We were scared. Will that happen to us? It can’t happen to us! We won’t make it!

So for our Hump Day Blog, we ask: What child personality is most terrifying to you? Feel free to add your own fear in the Comments section (alliteration optional)!

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So apparently Jay-Z liked it so much, he put a baby in it!

We are launching our new Hump Day special! Every Wednesday we will be taking a poll. Let’s start with a popular topic this week…

What should Beyonce and Jay-Z name their baby? We offer a few suggestions, but please feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Today we wanted to try something new — a poll!!

This isn’t just for people TTC or pregnant. We aren’t pregnant and we are going to to play! We wanted to know what you guys think… How do you refer to the inhabitant of the baby bump?

I like it. It is a tad impersonal, and bound to change when my hormones do, but for now it is good.

Patrick likes peanut (awwww!) and womb-kicker (yeah, not so cute anymore).

If you prefer an option that is not listed, like womb-kicker, feel free to add a comment!

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