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Pumpkin pondering above the Quabbin Reservoir

Petite and perky, we have no need for you

Pilfered pumpkins!? This field was bright orange 2 weeks ago

Patrick plodded upon a plentiful pumpkin patch

Perfect pumpkins still on the vine

Pirated and plundered! In true Columbus Day spirit, Lulu claims our picks


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Apple farm or bust!

Lulu got apple picking tips from a piglet in the know

A bunch of Red Gravensteins sitting in a tree

There was a pumpkin under our favorite apple tree

Lulu lugged our apple treasure to the car

What do we do with all these apples?

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It was a beautiful summer weekend, and Lulu didn’t know what to do…

Stumped, Lulu?

She went to the park to hang around.

Monkeying Around

She enjoyed a Giant’s-eye-view far above the ground.

Lulu In A Tree

Then she took in the sights upside down, silly ham!

What's up, Lulu?

She scampered up the bars, more like a monkey than a lamb.

Bar Tending

She tried to play hoops, and she was the ball.

Nothing But Net

But up among the branches she feels best of all.

Up In a Tree, Again

Have a great day and climb a tree! Love, Lulu, Patrick, and of course, Gilly

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