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There are things I like about trying to conceive — being hopeful; connections with other TTCers; suggesting a new baby name every day (only to get shot down by Patrick); this blog; and looking for inane stories about pregnancy and babies (like this).

But there are two things that have been annoying me lately:

Are you feeling it too?

1. Baby Dance – This is probably the most annoying euphemism reserved for TTC couples. Or is it not a euphemism at all and I have been going about this all wrong? Better sign up for spiritual dance class, just in case.

2. Smiley Faces – I bought a predictor kit that displays a smiley face to indicate fertile days. Because nothing says “baby dance” like a smiley face. Edgy.

In sum, cute things annoy me about TTC. Because I’m hardcore like that. >;)


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I tried to avoid writing a blog about this, but nothing else is coming to me today, and honestly this is just on my mind…

Why am I not pregnant yet?

Here’s what I’ve done to prepare:

Lulu drinks for me... on my desk. Keeping it professional, Lu!

1. Cut back caffeine (1/2 cup/day)

2. Started taking prenatal vitamins

3. Removed sashimi and “dangerous” cooked fishes from diet

4. Willed it to happen (and maybe did some witchcraft)

5. Started taking my temp in the morning to get to know my cycle better

6. Purchased an OPK

7. Only imbibe alcohol on “safe” days

8. Willed it to happen (with The Secret-type intensity)

9. Boots have been knocked

10. I’ve replaced my psychotic workouts with more moderate ones

Did I mention I’ve willed it to happen?

To tie into the theme of this blog — “the miracle of birth” — I’m guessing it has something to do with patience and I’m just at the beginning stages of learning about that…

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