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Decorating Tip #1: Start with pumpkin ale.

Decorating Tip #2: Toast pumpkin seeds for that Halloween-y feel!

Decorating Tip #3: Gather supplies on top of nearly finished puzzle. What could go wrong?

Decorating Tip #4: Slap the stuff on up! (What do you mean you don't frame pictures of your feet?)

Decorating Tip #5: For a homey feel, leave family pics up behind decorations (and XBox games and gamer manuals below).

Decorating Tip #6: Do not underestimate the power of well-placed gourds. (Book-title snooping much?)

Decorating Tip #7: Jack o' lantern lights make everything better!


Love, Patrick, Lulu, and Gilly (in that order)


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We love fresh basil and rosemary but hate buying it every week at the market. This summer we grew rosemary, basil, flat-leaf parsley, and mint. Now that Fall is upon us, we brought the herbs indoors. Still on the look-out for some flat-leaf parsley (we killed ours)…

Dr. Livingston, I presume?

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