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Dear Future Baby,

Lulu experiences The Bad Beginning

Boy (or girl), are you in luck! Your future mama and daddy have found a place you are surely going to love – merely one of the coolest places in the world. This place, dear baby, is our small town library, where they will loan you a ukulele if you ask. But the real treasure lies on the shelves – the many, many shelves, all lined with fabulous books! (Just don’t ask your mama where the card catalogue is unless you want to see her laugh.)

You’re going to learn quickly that your mama and daddy love to read. You’ll soon notice the stacks of books lying around your home. (In fact, little bookworm, I suspect that we will need to keep them out of the way until you’re old enough to know that books are for reading, not for eating.)

From Seuss to Zeus, there will be stories to tell. We’ll show you Where the Wild Things Are and Where the Sidewalk Ends. We’ll introduce you to a curious monkey named George and a Very Hungry Caterpillar. As you grow older, we’ll feed you a Giant Peach and take you on a tour of a Chocolate Factory. You’ll learn what lies inside an unusual Wardrobe, and how to make the best out of a Series of Unfortunate Events. You’ll be educated at Hogwarts, go There and Back Again (meeting a furry-footed friend along the way), and learn what Hugo Cabret invented.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! And in A Wrinkle in Time, you’ll be one of the most well-traveled children in this great big world!


Your globe-trotting, time-traveling daddy


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If the Steelers had cheerleaders and Lulu liked to smile, she'd only wave pom-poms for the Steelers!

One of the things I was thinking this evening while watching the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Philadelphia Eagles in preseason football (well, besides thinking that the state of Pennsylvania has one team that looks ready for the Super Bowl and one team that doesn’t) was this: Are my football-watching days numbered?

I know that every prospective parent-to-be in the history of ever is concerned with the loss of leisure time that comes with being responsible for a little crib-critter. It goes with the territory. But still, there must be a way that one learns to balance one’s responsibilities with one’s desire to function as a human in the world. How does someone manage to be both a parent and someone who wants to watch football, to read a book, or to know enough about pop culture to know that the ending of Lost sucked and the ending of Harry Potter was pitch-perfect?

I know my priorities will shift as a parent – and who knows, I might simply not even have the time to remember what my former priorities used to be – but I imagine that to remain relatively sane one must find some time in the day to do the things he or she loves to do.

So tell me, parents, where do you find the time for yourselves? What are your means of escape? Is it all in the scheduling? In finding some untapped reservoir of energy after the little knee-high private eyes go to bed at night? Or is it all in trading favors with one’s spouse? Or bribing your parents and siblings?

Maybe I should just resolve myself to the understanding that somewhere around the year 2030, if I’m lucky, future Patrick will be waiting, older but wiser and ready to resume life as he once knew it. That is, unless the Mayans have it right and we can all just cash it in in 2012.

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Lulu Potter

Patrick and I declared, early in our marriage, that we did not want to have kids.  For the life of me I cannot remember why we stated this, but we did and took it off the table. <Yank!> For a couple of decided kid-abstainers we sure enjoyed catching up with our friends’ kids and our nephews and nieces. We even enjoyed doing stuff kids did: playing video games (I was obsessed with Animal Crossing); munching on loads of candy (well, that’s just me); and reading Harry Potter (and similar books, but NOT Twilight)….

Admittedly, we didn’t just like reading Harry Potter; we were kind of obsessed. Patrick and I waited in long lines together during the midnight madness to get our prized copies of the 6th and 7th book. We were engaged when we were in line for the 6th book (and took the book along to our honeymoon). We had been married for two years when we waited in line for the 7th book. We each got our own copy of that final book so that we could read simultaneously. We got home at 2 AM, tucked in on either side of the sofa and read all night. We were careful to keep pace so that we could exchange glances of surprise, excitement, or heartbreak. When we got to the end, it felt wrapped up. I was crushed that this was the end, but where could it go from there?

Last night we finally saw the last movie. Like each movie that came before, it could not beat the book, but it was fantastic to see the characters and plots I loved to read (and re-read) about come alive.

Spoiler alert: For those of you not in the know, the story of our three favorite Gryffindors ends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, now grown up, seeing their own children onto the train bound for Hogwarts. Four years ago, I thought, “They are all grown up now. The end.” Tonight, I excitedly thought, “Harry Potter has kids and I want them too!”

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