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I know this sounds like the world’s lamest excuse, but since getting knocked up I have lost my memory, creativity, and attention-span. So, I have not been writing, blogging, or reading anything with chapters…or paragraphs…or really long sentences.

Luckily for me, baby books are written for people with the attention-span the size of a 140 character Twitter update–short sections and no long paragraphs to wade through–so I can still feed my obsession for baby info without just scrolling through my Twitter feed. Wait, what was the point I was trying to make?

Anyway, that is why I haven’t been: blogging, working on my book rewrites, remembering to add ketchup and flour to the grocery list, or finishing my thought… There was supposed to be more to this paragraph. Gah!

So it dawns on me that I forgot to tell you all that WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!! Also, I am smuggling a globe in my shirt and I can see the inside of my belly button for the first time.

Mama’s got a big ol’ bump, oh yeah!

Other milestones we’ve experienced: I can feel little Joey Kangaroo kicking and wiggling first thing in the morning, right before bed, and when I eat spicy food or sugar. When Patrick puts his hand on my belly, he can now feel our Kung-Fu Panda kick. And I have had one of those Alien moments–whilst reading a baby book (or Twitter, who can remember) I caught my belly moving “on its own” from the corner of my eye. I screamed.

Kung Fu Panda is growing!

We’ve also experienced something I did not expect, but I guess should have… Crazy generosity from our friends and family. Baby shower season isn’t even here yet and we already have a stocked baby bookshelf (with more board books on the way)!!

The most important area in baby’s room

And the clothes! Whew, remember to tell a few family and friends you are expecting a girl and you get a clothing explosion!!

Cute girl clothes!


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My darling future baby,

We did it! I was beginning to think we’d never do it. I was beginning to think that only a select few had what it took, and I would never be part of the club. But last night, September 21, 2011, we made a scrumptious apple pie! This apple pie was perfectly tart, sweet, and fitted with a golden rustic crust. There are lessons in this second pie, baby, that I wanted to share with you.

First, that old saying, well I guess it is a new saying  to you, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” is not just meant to annoy people; it has merit. First pie – undeniable disaster. Second pie – a sweet success! Your dad and I try, tried again and huzzah — a bloody good pie!

But, baby, this is not just a get-back-on-your-horse lesson. I’ve learned some things about myself from pie-making that you may want to know in advance:

My oh my! Look at that sweet rustic pie!

1. Your mom gives into cyber peer-pressure. I was seriously finished with baking after the apple crumble disaster I detailed in my previous letter. But my friendly blogging pals, tweeps, and FB friends refused to quit on me. They are the real reason I tried again.

2. Your mom resists following instructions. This appears to be a serious problem that goes way beyond throwing away IKEA instructions. This meant that dad had to re-read the pie recipe and perform accuracy checks at each step. It also meant that dad had to hide the zester and all other ingredients not called for in the recipe.

3. When your mom botches something, she calls it “rustic. When the crust tore into 1 million pieces as I attempted to tranfer it onto the pie-top, I pieced it together (like Frankenstein’s face) and called it “rustic.” Your dad just interrupted and wants you to learn from the start that the green monster with the flat-top and platform boots is not called “Frankenstein,” but “Frankenstein’s monster.” Daddy is serious about monsters, so this is important. We’ll get into this more later…

4. Your mom doesn’t entirely hate doing the dishes. Dishes are much more fun to do when you think you have a successful pie in the oven!

5. Your mom is just not that into dessert. Even if a pie tastes good, warm, and homemade-y, I still prefer savory over sweet. Where’s the Chex-Mix?

Anyway, baby — we didn’t give up on pie, so we’re not giving up on you. But do hurry, I am excited to try my hand at rustic diaper changes.

Lots of love,

Your future mama

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We were watching Mildred Pierce this weekend, and young Veda terrified us. She was precocious. But not in that adorable, cute way. Veda was snobby, cruel, evil, awful, and quite frankly frightening. We were scared. Will that happen to us? It can’t happen to us! We won’t make it!

So for our Hump Day Blog, we ask: What child personality is most terrifying to you? Feel free to add your own fear in the Comments section (alliteration optional)!

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My Twitter Interview*

BabblePregnancy: How will you welcome your new baby into the world?

My best guess… Probably with screaming, tears, lots of swearing, and a hug, followed by more tears.

PregnancyWTE: Why do you love being pregnant?

Well, I’m not, actually. Why? Do I look  pregnant? I ate Wendy’s the other night after my workout… Really? You just ask people that?

Parenting: Like to travel on the road?

I do enjoy travel on the road. Flying is a pain in the arse and so “Big Brother” these days. I mean 1984 Big Brother, obviously. Not locked in a house, playing truth or dare, and reliving college on TV to win money Big Brother. Anyway, I avoid the skies unless a tropical destination is promised at the end of that pat down.

BabblePregnancy: White names and black names?

I’m sorry, what is the question exactly? I at least need a who, what, when, where or why…

BabesWithBabies: Ahem… could we have your attention please?

Excuse me, just got a funny tweet. Hehehe… Sorry. I’m here. I’ll put my phone away. OK. What’s the next question?


Parenting: Who said maternity wear has to be frumpy?

Um, lots of people have said that. I, for one, have mentioned that maternity clothes are pretty frumpty-dumpty. Let’s be honest, fashion is pretty much fighting an uphill battle with the globe-belly. But when done right–gorgeous! 


BabblePregnancy: If your OB/GYN was your friend instead of your doctor, what would she tell you?

She would probably tell me to close my legs, put my pants back on, and see a doctor. It would also be unlikely that she’d return my calls ever again.

Home Office

*All questions posed above are parts of real tweets compiled to create this simulated Q&A.

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So apparently Jay-Z liked it so much, he put a baby in it!

We are launching our new Hump Day special! Every Wednesday we will be taking a poll. Let’s start with a popular topic this week…

What should Beyonce and Jay-Z name their baby? We offer a few suggestions, but please feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Lulu meets Irene. Here are some pics we snapped with our HurriCam:

Lulu checks on the weather the old-fashioned way

For giggles, she watches reporters getting blown about on TWC (bad Lulu!)

Lulu examines our dry food supplies (and claims it all)

Stuck inside with us all day, Lulu plans her next getaway

Hurricane Irene isn't playing, but Lulu is!

Close-up for real talk: Hope everyone stays safe, dry, and healthy today!

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It was a beautiful summer weekend, and Lulu didn’t know what to do…

Stumped, Lulu?

She went to the park to hang around.

Monkeying Around

She enjoyed a Giant’s-eye-view far above the ground.

Lulu In A Tree

Then she took in the sights upside down, silly ham!

What's up, Lulu?

She scampered up the bars, more like a monkey than a lamb.

Bar Tending

She tried to play hoops, and she was the ball.

Nothing But Net

But up among the branches she feels best of all.

Up In a Tree, Again

Have a great day and climb a tree! Love, Lulu, Patrick, and of course, Gilly

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