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What does Lulu's name say about us?

What you name your baby says more about you than your baby, according to this post on Parents.com. This should go without saying. Unless you’re planning on naming your baby “Baby,” “7 pounds, 11 ounces,” or “Nipple-Clencher”, then I doubt your baby’s name will actually provide much insight into its personality.

For the busy reader, I’ll paraphrase their findings for you:

1. If your child has an unusual name, you crave the spotlight. Examples: Pilot Inspektor, Kal-El.

Because the best way to get the rest of the world to pay attention to you is to make everyone think you’re an asshole.

2. If your child has an old-fashioned name, you’re on the conservative side. Examples: Agnes, Homer.

So expect a run on old-fashioned names like Rush, Mitt, and Dubya in the near future.

3. If you choose a creative spelling, you dare to be different. Examples: Ryder, Rocko.

Or you’re illiterate.

4. If you choose a family name, you’re sentimental.

Or possibly just vain.

5. A pop culture name means you’re looking for a confidence boost. Examples: Monroe, Lennon.

Because nothing raises one’s confidence like raising the bar of expectations for your child.

6. If you go with a unisex name, you focus on success. Examples: Kelley, Mason.

Or perhaps you were given unisex hand-me-downs.

7. If you name your child after a destination, you’re adventurous. Examples: Memphis, Brooklyn.

Unless you actually live in Brooklyn. Then it simply means you’re lazy.

So what do you think, readers? Does a baby name say more about its parents than the baby? And if so, what does it have to say?


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Lulu Investigates!

We’ve been discussing baby names long before we ever planned on having a baby. It’s no surprise – after all, naming things is one of our favorite games. We have nicknames for each other (Dinks and Muttonchop), nicknames for our cars (Mr. Beeps and Ru), and even nicknames for our laptops (Lucille and Bertie). So, for months now, we’ve also had our favorite baby names, a top pick for a boy and a girl, middle names included.

But we’ve been thinking a lot about baby names recently. In a world where there are literally thousands of names to choose from – or names to invent – or even names we could lease out to companies – how do you know that you’ve chosen the right name for your baby?

This hit home the other day when we were Tweeting with a TTC mom. She, too, is just  starting to think about expanding her family of two. She mentioned that she had a spreadsheet of baby names. We panicked. Crap! Why didn’t we think of that?

So, the next day, we logged into one of the billion baby-naming websites out there and started making our list. After a full day, we were finished! The list was color-coded by gender, included meanings and origins, and a check box for first or middle name consideration.

After dinner, we went through the list. We graded the names. D’s and F’s were immediately deleted. C’s were relegated to the remainders bin. B’s were discussed, then sent to the chopping block. We narrowed the list further, picking only the creme de la creme from the A list. (After all, why would our baby possess a name we didn’t think was A+ material?) From there, we chose our semi-finalists. At long last, our finalists emerged from this brutal baby-naming Hunger Games.

And wouldn’t you know it, the winners were our original girl and boy names. After a long and painstaking process, heated discussions over the merits of names from Homer (classic Greek poet or modern animated doofus?) to Catherine (great or not so great?), we ended up back at the same place as where we had started.

So, what’s the lesson here? When it comes to choosing your baby’s name, go with your first instinct, and ignore all the other buzzing voices of doubt in your head.

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Baby Girl Lulu Freeman

Like lots of hopeful parents-to-be, we want to get a lot of mileage out of a single name. I used to wonder why so much thought went into choosing a baby name. Suddenly, my flip initial impression to baby naming, “Just pick something meaningful,” is biting me in the butt.

What is meaningful? Family names–meaningful to family members. Classic names–meaningful and accepted by many. Unique names–meaningful simply because they are unique.

Patrick and I agree on a few strong, classic names. We want a name that will fit in any situation or potential career choice, but we don’t want anything boring or overused.

We do have two top-choice names that are a bit…unique. We love that they aren’t your run-of-the-mill names, but with our common (boring!) last name, can we pull it off? Will future dumpling like our choice?

Also, what is with my sudden desire to be secretive about name choices? I suddenly feel as though the moment I let a top choice be known all the women about to give birth will snatch up my (obviously) *brilliant* idea. Haha! I can laugh about it, but I’m not telling. 😐

Did I really just write a baby name blog with no baby names in it? Yeah, that just happened.

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