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Yesterday I did something new. It started with Knorr Garlic Shells for lunch. This isn’t the new thing. I’ve been eating this crap since college (back when they were called Lipton Creamy Garlic Shells). The “sauce” doubles as paste. Bad, bad, creamy, and comforting glue noodles!

Yeah, yeah, judge me all you want!

So, I am a bit absent-minded. I get easily distracted unless I lock in on a task. Making this meal is hardly a lock-in task. So while I was tweet-bragging about my NaNoWriMo progress, karma was obviously in the neighborhood, because she kicked my butt immediately. That brat sent most of the  milk/butter/water mixture boiling over into the collection tray below.

Food boiling over is nothing new, but the *intensity* of  burnt milk smell permeating the house was new. The fact that a deep puddle of milk was in the collection tray was new. But I love a cleaning challenge, so after lunch I rolled up my sleeves and…

For the first time ever I took our old-fashioned electric stove apart to *REALLY* clean it! We’ve been living here for two years without having done this. We are savages! Barbarians!

First I figured out how to pull these out! Basically just yanked like the barbarian I am! Ooga!

2 years worth of grime soaking it up!

Naked stove top! Stop looking, pervs!

Okay, it wasn’t the coolest new activity ever, but it was tremendously satisfying and a serious arm workout! This duty is now in my housekeeping calendar! What? You pros don’t have a housekeeping calendar? Obviously I need one! I am, after all, a savage!

Clean and has its clothes back on. You can look now!

Oh! I also made my first pasta sauce yesterday! Although “my first homemade sauce” post could have made for a more colorful and less disgusting read, I didn’t want to deprive you of stove-related pictures.

Sauce splattering onto my newly cleaned stovetop.


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Lulu Taking In The View

I don’t know if it is because I just turned 31, I’m in some sort of pre-baby nesting/cleaning phase, or both, but today Patrick and I cleaned out and rearranged our office! I filled two large bags with old papers, articles, and psych conference knick-knacks that I had accumulated over the course of the academic year (and I call my husband a hoarder!).

Our desks that once faced adjacent white walls, now share a window view—which at the moment is green, lush, and vibrant.  We love the idea of collaborating or working on individual projects side-by-side in this new clutter-free space.

Of course, this room will go through another transformation if we end up adding to our family, but right now it is perfect. A room with a view and promise!

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