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Sunday not so sunny, Lulu?

Lulu Struggles

Let’s turn this morning around and cook our first breakfast!

Coffee + Computer = First Attempt At Cooking Breakfast

Let’s get this breakfast party started…

Lulu's got skillz with the blade

Executive Chef Lulu oversees bacon experiment

Lulu, a.k.a. Lady of Pans. Cooking breakfast and taking names!

(Don’t tell her your name. She’ll take it from you.)

Lulu, our homie

Now things are looking sunny-side up!


A Feast Fit for Lu!

This morning’s insanity brought to you by…


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Lulu Can't Drive Without the Keys!

What Time Is It? Breakfast Time!

Lulu Tries Black Coffee (Good For Hangovers)

Lulu Prefers Cream

Decisions, Decisions...

Hearty Breakfast for Our Hearty Lamb, Lulu!

This concludes Lulu’s delicious outing!

(Yes, this is how we chose to spend our morning…)

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