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Our baby is five weeks old!! Do you recall my post outlining my stubborn refusal to buy certain mommy/baby “necessities?” Well, I thought it would be fun to share with you what “I’d never” items have made it into our household already…

Baby Monitor: So far, we haven’t had the need for one. Little Joey has a set of strong lungs on her and she is never too far away from one or both of us.

Breast Pump and Bottles: Honestly, I bought a manual pump and bottles right after I published that post. Good thing I did. We had latch issues at first. We met with a lactation consultant who discouraged bottle use but suggested I pump and use a syringe to encourage latch. Thanks to the consultant’s guidance we were syringe and pump free within 2.5 days. Recently I have been using the pump again to have some bottles on hand to bring to appointments or have on an occasion that I want a beer in the evening.  

Infant Car Seat: It has not been a problem to take baby from our convertible car seat to baby carrier during outings. Joey is not bothered moving from one to the other. We do not regret foregoing the infant seat.

Happy in her convertible car seat…Content with her paci

Two Car Seats: So far, the station wagon has been working for us as the designated child transport vehicle. This may change later on, but I suspect a second seat for our second car will be a distant future need.

Multiple Strollers: We have barely used our City Mini. For now, we’re all loving the baby sling and Baby Bjorn for our fall walks, but we can’t wait to break out the stroller next spring.

Additional baby items I thought I’d never see in my house, but are here and in use:


Disposable diapers

And for fun, parenting behaviors I thought weren’t for me, but turns out they are:


Toys in my living room 

Stepping over a baby gym to get to the couch, using a paci when we go for a walk, pumping in the afternoon to have a glass of wine with dinner… These changes of directions keep this tired family happy. And as they say, a happy family is…a happy family!

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil


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…every day. We are starting to get into a new rhythm. We are diaper changing pros. We have resumed cooking. Patrick has returned to work. We are getting a bit more sleep…if we nap when she naps. We are totally thrilled to be parents to this growing girl!

But enough about us…our baby girl is 1 month young today! What has she been up to?

1 month, 1 million snuggles

She’s been on many walks…

…without using her own feet…

…she has parents to walk for her

She has slept…

…but not in her crib

She has cheered for her favorite sports team…

…and has shown outrage when they lost

She has hung out with Lulu…

…and learned a naughty gesture

She eats, and poops, and cries…

…and we love her up every day

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For the love of fjords, njords, and ABBA, what is a “Babybjorn”?

Immediately, this word conjures an image of a miniature Swedish tennis player, complete with long blond hair, a mini-head band, and a mini-tennis racquet. Nothing about the name suggests what it is: your baby carry-on luggage.

Will I need one? Will I want one? I’m not sure yet. Personally, I think I’ll hold out for the Baby McEnroe.

What is your ovulation schedule? (aka, “Are your eggs dropping?”)

Thankfully, we’re not there yet. While I understand it may be a necessary evil for some TTC couples, I don’t think I want to know this information. The (non)miracle of life should not come with the regularity of the local mass transit authority schedule.

What is CM….Cer-? What is cerv-? What is-?

No, I can’t even go there. Not yet, anyway.

I’m sure there are many more questions on the road ahead. But I think I’ll ask them only when I need to.

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Today’s post is inspired by our very first, and to-date only, comment! In response to the Are We There Yet? post, our trail-blazing commenter wrote the following: “Just remember, every parent writes their own story. Sounds like yours is just starting.”

This comment initially filled me with warm-fuzzies. Our stories *are* just starting!  But now, two days later, the warm-fuzzies have been replaced with frantic worries: Are Patrick and I writing *very* different stories?  Are we writing different books? Different chapters in the same book? Should we be striving to be on the same page? Huh? Why are metaphors so confusing?

Tangled metaphors aside, I realize that I have been making a lot of assumptions when it comes to both small details and big picture issues:

What will we do if we can’t conceive? I’m thinking we’ll adopt. An easy answer for me since I am adopted, but perhaps it is a lot to assume that Patrick will think it such a natural option as well. And even this seemingly “simple” choice brings up more questions–US vs. overseas, age range, private or open?

Stroller vs. BabyBjorn? I’m team BabyBjorn. Honestly, I just like the idea of staying that close. My more practical/fake reasons are as follows: (1) There aren’t many sidewalks around the neighborhood and (2) I am afraid to push a stroller across the street. (I’d be one of  *those people* walking backward in the intersections. Awwwwkwaaaard…) But what if Patrick fancies himself a stroller person? Not a big deal, in the grand scheme of things. But I always assumed that his version of our family trip to the farmer’s market involved him, me, and a dumpling in the BabyBjorn too!

Do we baptize? As a universe-fearing agnostic who was baptized as a baby, I cannot imagine our child skipping this step. Will Patrick, my beloved yet stubborn atheist, take issue with this? I doubt baptism is part of his parenting story. It may even seem strange to him that it is a part of mine. To me it is a way of saying, “Hey baby, there is something greater. Respect it or don’t, but here’s a start.” But Patrick doesn’t even subscribe to the “greater entity” concept. This may be a tough sell…

Our parenting stories do not have to be identical, but joint decisions do need to be made. I imagine the sooner these talks begin, the better.  The baby-carrier convo will be easy. The adoption convo can wait until necessary. But perhaps the bigger issues, like baptism, should start now because these edits will be tough to make.

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