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Let me start by saying that I love white people. I love my mummy — she’s white. I love my husband — he’s white. Many of my closest friends are white! White blog readers, I love you guys too! If our readership resembles my Facebook friend list, chances are, you are probably some pretty white readers. Not only do I love white people, but I’m proud to say that I’m 50% white. And I love that 50% just as much as the rest — equal parts loving!

Now that my love for white people is established and out there in the universe for all to know, I have a question…

What is the deal with baby book covers?

I was at a bookstore this weekend, taking advantage of a 60-80% going-out-of-business sale (sorry Borders). Everything was majorly picked over, until I got to the baby book section. There were still quite a number of books left! Yay! Although closer inspection indicated that these weren’t all “top of the list.” At first I was excitedly picking books up, flipping through, and comparing information — authors’ credentials, pictures/diagrams, writing style…

Then I started to notice a pattern…

(White) Babies and Food

Natural/Earth-Friendly (White) Babies

(White) Parents and Babies

More (White) Babies and Food

Brown Baby Eclipsed By White Baby

So if I am to judge books by their covers (admittedly, at a seriously picked-over out-of-business sale), it looks like my baby will be white and feeding it is really important. Luckily, I love white people and white babies. Also, I purchased one of the books about feeding white babies, so I am super ready if/when the time comes!


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Lulu says, "Bacon makes the world go 'round... and tequila."

Research shows that what a woman eats during pregnancy shapes food preferences of her child later in life. Both breast milk and amniotic fluid contain the flavors of foods that mom-to-be is eating. In fact, research at the Monell Chemical Senses Center has not yet found a flavor that isn’t transferred in utero. It is even proposed that memories of those flavors in breast milk shape a child’s food preferences later in life. Neat and ew! So it isn’t just that you are what you eat when you’re preggos, but your baby is what you eat too.

The bottom line of this research seems to be, “So moms-to-be, start eating right ASAP.” As if pregnant ladies are all at home eating Twinkies and potato chips since finding out they are with child.

When I’m rocking the bump I will be making a conscious effort to keep my diet balanced, but here are the foods I can’t get enough of, so my babe will be likely to be LOVING:

  1. bacon (and prosciutto)
  2. pho
  3. edamame
  4. potatoes
  5. Sour Skittles (I am ashamed)

Of course there are certain foods (good and bad) that I just cannot eat, future baby, so here are a few new tastes you’ll have to acquire on your own (though I’m sure your dairy-loving daddy will help):

  1. cheese
  2. ice cream
  3. yogurt
  4. chocolate
  5. jello/pudding

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