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Unlike my measured, patient husband, once I know what I want, I want it right away. To me, delayed gratification has a 5 minute limit. After that, it is just torture! So when we do decide to “go the way of the stork” I will be expecting immediate results. My expectations are not a product of misinformation or lack of information, but blind-desire. I have read a few books and I have heard stories of women struggling to get pregnant–my mother tried for 7 years before adopting me. But, I’m guessing, like many women before me, I am thinking: That won’t be me.

I went to the doc for a check-up right away. The doctor told me, when we do start, to return in 6 months if we aren’t pregnant. Here’s what I heard: Pregnancy will happen immediately! When I told a friend about my “plan” she said something to the effect of, “You know, it’s not going to happen right away just because you want it badly.” Here’s what I heard: It is going to happen right away for you since you want it badly.

However, while I can’t wait to see a plus sign, I am enjoying the journey too. I’ve been reading books like “What to Expect Before You’re Expecting.” I’ve also been watching TLC’s “A Baby Story” and have been known to get a little too caught up in “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” (My family has banned me from watching the show.) In this particular program, women claiming to have had no skipped periods, no morning sickness, no baby bump, no symptoms at all, were rushed to the hospital with stomach cramps to find they were in labor. Here’s what I thought while watching: I don’t have any of those symptoms either! I could be pregnant too!

So here I am, learning to enjoy the journey… And come to think of it, on the advice of a great friend, I have not yet purchased any pregnancy/expecting books. So I guess I am capable of delayed gratification after all! I can’t wait to read all about it, but I envision rushing to the bookstore with my husband following a positive test. I can’t wait, but I imagine it will be so worth it!


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