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…every day. We are starting to get into a new rhythm. We are diaper changing pros. We have resumed cooking. Patrick has returned to work. We are getting a bit more sleep…if we nap when she naps. We are totally thrilled to be parents to this growing girl!

But enough about us…our baby girl is 1 month young today! What has she been up to?

1 month, 1 million snuggles

She’s been on many walks…

…without using her own feet…

…she has parents to walk for her

She has slept…

…but not in her crib

She has cheered for her favorite sports team…

…and has shown outrage when they lost

She has hung out with Lulu…

…and learned a naughty gesture

She eats, and poops, and cries…

…and we love her up every day


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How can you spot a first time mom-to-be? She may be overly excited about diapers. The fact that I have never changed a diaper, probably also accounts for my super-excitement!

So what did I do when I finally had a prefold diaper AND a diaper cover? Practice, of course!! Lulu was my very willing and patient practice dummy. Oh! By the way, Lulu has made some big changes in her life. She is no longer the boozy, surly lamb she used to be. She is a now a boozy, surly lamb, dedicated to being the best nanny for our little dragon! So sweet! 

First we tried out the changing pad…

Wish I had a Snappi…

Then I snapped the cover on…

Lulu models our diaper work!

Lulu is going to stick to diapers until the baby comes. She said things get less messy after a long night of boozing this way. Oh, Lulu! 

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I’m here too! And I hope you will pardon me my absence but I’ve been seeing someone else… Call it love, infatuation, mental illness… I call it time well spent!

Yes, after a long talk, Patrick and I think it is best that I just come out and announce it…

I HAVE A NEW LOVE! An obsession even! But I swear it’s the real thing this time! Patrick and Lulu have taken 2nd and 3rd seat to my new and greatest love yet. The first chair of my heart is now occupied by Bones. Bones has humble origins as a give-away at a casino. At first I thought, “Neat, a dog toy.” But upon further inspection (a Google search) I learned that Bones was designed to provide neck, lumbar, and leg support! Great for recuperating after our high-seas adventure!

Bones got your back.

Bones isn't a pain-in-the-neck. Lean on Bones!

But Bones is way more spectacular than body support!! Bones is my new best friend, my confidant, my everything!!

Even Lulu seeks comfort from Bones!

I love you Bones! And Patrick and Lulu, you are pretty alright as well.

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The Many Looks of Lulu

It is poll quiz day. Lulu is not only our blog editor/model/surly housemate. She is a complicated lamb. Which look does she do best?

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Many faithful readers have been asking, “Hey, what happened to Lulu? We thought she posted every Sunday.”

Lulu isn’t always the most reliable lamb, as we found out when she recently returned from a long, international, multi-week bender. But although she came home surly and hungover, she also came home with a brand new Twitter account so you can follow her adventures regularly. Follow her @lulupaloozu.

I see Spain, I see France, I see Lulu passed out on the table...

Warning: She may be a lamb, but direct contact with her via Twitter reveals she can bite back like a dog, the female kind…

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Pumpkin pondering above the Quabbin Reservoir

Petite and perky, we have no need for you

Pilfered pumpkins!? This field was bright orange 2 weeks ago

Patrick plodded upon a plentiful pumpkin patch

Perfect pumpkins still on the vine

Pirated and plundered! In true Columbus Day spirit, Lulu claims our picks

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Decorating Tip #1: Start with pumpkin ale.

Decorating Tip #2: Toast pumpkin seeds for that Halloween-y feel!

Decorating Tip #3: Gather supplies on top of nearly finished puzzle. What could go wrong?

Decorating Tip #4: Slap the stuff on up! (What do you mean you don't frame pictures of your feet?)

Decorating Tip #5: For a homey feel, leave family pics up behind decorations (and XBox games and gamer manuals below).

Decorating Tip #6: Do not underestimate the power of well-placed gourds. (Book-title snooping much?)

Decorating Tip #7: Jack o' lantern lights make everything better!


Love, Patrick, Lulu, and Gilly (in that order)

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