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I love being a mom!! It is usually a joy, sometimes frustrating, and it gives me even more opportunities to pronounce preferences/opinions with conviction, only to be proven wrong.

Pacifiers, the little plugs I swore “I’d never,” are in full rotation here. We even have a pacifier with a dragon toy on the end! And I love it. I love watching my little girl manipulate the toy and sometimes, with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, she can put the pacifier back in her own mouth. This was also the first toy she grabbed, so I’m obsessed with it!

Dragon wrestling

Dragon kiss!

Co-sleeping? Um, do I look like a hippie? I must, because we did. This week we are transitioning to sleeping in the crib in her room. So far, the “transition” has resulted in the baby sleeping in the crib just fine while I try to fall asleep without my little girl beside me. This is a pic of the baby “adjusting” (not shown – a hippie mom tossing and turning):

Look at that crib-hater

Sleeping dragon

But of all the “That won’t happen to us!” squawking I did, I NEVER thought I’d be wrong on this. I wrote a snarky post last year (read Judging Books By Their Covers here) about all of the white babies on the covers of baby books. On behalf of our future brown baby, we were offended by the implication that all babies are white. I wrote sarcastically:

So if I am to judge books by their covers (admittedly, at a seriously picked-over out-of-business sale), it looks like my baby will be white…

Well, guess what? She is! I’m going to print this out so I can eat my words.

Yes, sir, that’s my baby!


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We are thrilled to announce that our Joey was born 9/3 at 8:34 AM. She weighed a whopping 8 pounds, 12 ounces and was 21 inches in length!! She is here! We are in love, ecstatic, and exhausted–which is why we are very tardy to announce our fantastic news with you, our supportive blog pals!

Hours after delivery…still staring at baby

Daddy and Joey

Just arrived!

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I have a sizeable tummy and am at the halfway point! 20 weeks down and only 20 weeks to go! That is if you follow the 40 week calendar, which I do. In doing so, I am ignoring the fact that my biological mom carried me for 41 weeks…

So what have we done since our last blog post? Oh many things some days, and not much others. Our activities have included:

  1. I'm smiling because I'm wearing maternity jeans


    Patrick imagines what it would feel like to be with child

  2. Watching TV (to get our fill before we cancel cable)
  3. Eating
  4. Reorganizing living room to accommodate two workspaces since baby is kicking us out of the office
  5. Getting addresses together for baby showers
  6. Daydreaming about baby whilst cuddling
  7. Shopping for maternity clothes since I officially can’t zip up my regular pants
  8. Eating
  9. Sleeping
  10. Cleaning
  11. Interviewing pediatricians
  12. Shopping for cloth diapers
  13. Practicing putting cloth diapers on a baby doll in a camouflage onesie
  14. Not writing
  15. Setting up a bookshelf in the baby room. Most important piece in the room, we think.
  16. Writing
  17. Reading about pregnancy, labor, and babies
  18. Cancelling gym memberships
  19. Consolidating cell phone plans
  20. Adding items to our registry
  21. Deleting items from our registry
  22. Eating
  23. Sleeping

In other words, life has been pretty lovely as we gear up for this little dragon, whom we now call “Joey” (as in a baby kangaroo), to join us!

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Today we are guest blogging at our blog-pal and super-mom’s site: Sippy Cup Chronicles. This March, Jenny at Sippy Cup Chronicles is hosting a virtual Baby Shower Event with guest bloggers and giveaways! Stop by to read our post today and check out the Boppy Pillow giveaway going on right now!

Pregnancy has been a team effort in a way I never imagined. So for our guest post we wanted to share our pregnancy experiences in the Q & A format. We might both be expecting a dragon baby (our term of endearment), but it doesn’t mean we are experiencing things in the exact same way… Let the questioning and answering begin!

So, what does maternal bloom feel like?

To see our Qs and our As click here

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I hadn’t even realized we’d reached the peeing on a stick phase of the month. As Gilly mentioned in her recent post, she just wanted to make sure it’d be safe to have mimosas on Christmas morning. Neither one of us really expected the test to come back positive. So imagine my surprise when Gilly suddenly announced, late in the evening as we were getting ready for bed, “I think we’re pregnant.”

Yup! I've contracted new dad face.

It took time to realize what I was feeling was sheer joy and excitement, because my initial reaction was one of pure shock. Could it be? How could it be? Could it really be? It couldn’t possibly be. But there it was. The little pink lines. They couldn’t lie. Could they lie? Well, actually, I guess they do lie. But then when Gilly took the test again…and again…and again, for four days in a row – well, the little pink lines don’t lie that much.

We were going to be parents. We couldn’t contain our joy. But while we didn’t have to contain our joy, we couldn’t yet share our joy. The urge to tell everyone the second you realize you’re pregnant – especially after months now of being, as Angie Z. so eloquently put it, “two endangered snow monkeys with a thousand buggy-eyed freaks awaiting the appearance of your first offspring born in captivity” – is hard to suppress. I mean, this is BIG news. Who can keep something like that a secret for a day, let alone for weeks?

And that, dear readers, is when the first trimester intervened and knocked us both senseless. I mean, we’ve read What to Expect When You’re Expecting but nothing – not a midnight screening of The Exorcist, not a public restroom reading of The Hot Zone, not even eating one last wafer thin mint in a re-enactment of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life – could have prepared us for…Gilly’s first trimester.

Gilly sums up her first trimester experience in her last post, so I won’t regurgitate the horrors she endured. Let me just say this. There. Is. No. Celery. In. Our. House.

But there are two glowing people. After all, maternal bloom isn’t just for ladies…

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Q: What diagnosis left me puking and on bed rest for 7 weeks–unable to eat and drink water, unless on medication, and after all that I still gained 5.6 pounds?

Additional symptoms: headaches; sensitivity to smell; sudden taste for bananas; intermittent mind loss; and greenish, dry skin.

Lulu Sickness

google image from sharenator.com


Diagnosis: Pregnancy

Hurray! Baby Dragon (it’s a Game of Thrones thing) and I have made it to 2nd trimester without IV assistance, thanks to Patrick’s positive attitude and force-feeding. Totally grateful to be pregnant, but that old saying, “be careful what you wish for” has popped into my mind more than a few times!

Surly, sick-induced grumblings aside, I do have to note that it took us a long time to get here. We had actually given up come our December-cycle and had made a plan to see our doc and try more scientific methods in the new year. 99% certain we weren’t pregnant, I randomly tested a few days before Christmas to get the “official” clear to drink my favorite Christmas morning mimosas. Thank goodness I tested! We were stunned…I mean at this point I just assumed all pregnancy tests resulted in just one line. So Patrick had the difficult task of “boozing for two.”

Christmas was pretty much a joyful, calm, celebration before the sick-storm.

To be continued…

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Send her your fan mail! She likes it!

Part of the reason for our blog silence lately has been due to a few intrusive emails that we have received. They are completely unrelated to our blog and us. These emails were sparse at first, but are picking up speed. And we decided that we may just end our blog altogether. These emails are strange and well, fan mail (not for us)…

So, as a former college instructor, I thought that instead of shutting down my blog and twitter account as I had first thought to do, I’d make a learning experience out of this…or what Patrick calls fanning the fire… So here we go!!

How To Write A Proper Fan Letter

1. This is pretty crucial so I want to open with this. Send fan mail to the person you are a fan of. Not us.

2. Writing “I’m not crazy” once makes the reader question the statement. Writing it more than 4 times makes you sound, well, crazy.

3. This is related to point number one. Don’t email random bloggers with your fan mail. It weirds them out! Nope. Exactly the same as point one.

4. Keep it short. Especially if you are writing to a non-famous person who doesn’t have an assistant to read mail. We normals only get through about three sentences of email not meant for us.

5. Send fan mail to people worthy of being a fan of: your favorite florist, the creator of bacon, celebs in sunnies, scientists working on a cure for cancer. This blog is not going to experience a sudden shift of content. It is about me, my husband, and our random thoughts that occur to us during our everyday average lives. That’s it. Nothing glitzy. Nothing fan-mail appropriate. We are not worthy.

That’s it for now. But if we shut this little bit of silly down that’s why…

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