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I have a sizeable tummy and am at the halfway point! 20 weeks down and only 20 weeks to go! That is if you follow the 40 week calendar, which I do. In doing so, I am ignoring the fact that my biological mom carried me for 41 weeks…

So what have we done since our last blog post? Oh many things some days, and not much others. Our activities have included:

  1. I'm smiling because I'm wearing maternity jeans


    Patrick imagines what it would feel like to be with child

  2. Watching TV (to get our fill before we cancel cable)
  3. Eating
  4. Reorganizing living room to accommodate two workspaces since baby is kicking us out of the office
  5. Getting addresses together for baby showers
  6. Daydreaming about baby whilst cuddling
  7. Shopping for maternity clothes since I officially can’t zip up my regular pants
  8. Eating
  9. Sleeping
  10. Cleaning
  11. Interviewing pediatricians
  12. Shopping for cloth diapers
  13. Practicing putting cloth diapers on a baby doll in a camouflage onesie
  14. Not writing
  15. Setting up a bookshelf in the baby room. Most important piece in the room, we think.
  16. Writing
  17. Reading about pregnancy, labor, and babies
  18. Cancelling gym memberships
  19. Consolidating cell phone plans
  20. Adding items to our registry
  21. Deleting items from our registry
  22. Eating
  23. Sleeping

In other words, life has been pretty lovely as we gear up for this little dragon, whom we now call “Joey” (as in a baby kangaroo), to join us!


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